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Banner Design

Design Cyborg create large banners for storefront locations, commercial buildings, outdoor trade shows, expositions and concerts in may multipurpose formats. We design and illustrate website, and online marketing banners as well for shopping websites, product display, Adsense marketing, and general online promotion purposes.

Packaging Design

Design Cyborg offers packaging design for promotional, industrial, and retail products. We are able to create branded designs for boxes, labels, containers and all forms of packaging. Our designs are creative, professional and visually appealing. Your merchandise will stand out on any store shelf and draw buyers to your items and increase sales through customer attraction.

User Interface Design

UI Design

Design Cyborg builds custom user interfaces for websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, touch panels, and any device with graphical controls. We use modern design techniques with easy to navigate controls to create interfaces which are easy to adapt to any interface.

Menu & Catalogue Design

Menu Design

Showcase your products, merchandise and inventory in a well-designed menu or catalogue. We design creative templates to list your products, SKU numbers, pricing, info-graphics and general information.

We create restaurant menus for fast food, fine dining establishments, bars, cafe's, websites, signs and more. We use clean, visually appealing designs and quality culinary photography to trigger your customer's hunger and motivate them to purchase your foods, beverages and deserts.

Our catalogues are great for any industry and are the best way to inform your clients about your inventory and pricing.


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Design Cyborg is a full services development, design and branding firm from Seattle, WA. We build custom websites, mobile applications, graphic designs and internet marketing campaigns.


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