As Far As The Eye Can See: Colorful Sceneries, Posters And Covers

With the lovely weather we’ve been having here in Belgium, all of my senses actively engage when I’m riding my bike. I find myself picking up colorful sceneries while the smell of fragrant flowers and the birds’ singing somehow doesn’t manage to escape me. Oh yes, it’s Summer alright!

Not sure about you, but this is the period when I usually feel most inspired, probably, because I’m spending way more time outside. After all, nature is where I find most of my inspiration as it sets my mind free and I feel at ease. Hopefully, you’re enjoying some sunny days, too. Give yourself a moment of repose. Sit back, relax, have a refreshing drink and let the stream of inspiration come in.

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Unparalleled Living Link

I love how the characters are dialed down to just the basics.

Image credit: Jack Daly6

Curated Living Link

Here’s another one from the same series. The designer chairs and little statue on the closet are a nice touch.

Image credit: Jack Daly8

#VanLife Link

I think that the adventurous souls will love this one. The sunset light effect is so well done.

Image credit: Carlos Basabe10

Your Friends Are Cooler Than Me Link

Great and inspiring use of line and overlaid blocks of color.

Image credit: Jorge Lawerta12

Regina Maria Link

Part of a series of seven colorful illustrations depicting scientific processes and equipments, micro organisms, bacteria, and lots of fun stuff, which brings a warm human touch to the labs. Also making them the most visually attractive lab in Romania.

Image credit: Saddo14

Omega Magazine — Library Hotels Link

I love the style of Vincent Mahé. Fine work with a limited amount of colors used.

Image credit: Vincent Mahé16

GQ France: Infinity QX 80 Luxury Limited Edition Link

A bit of humor in an illustration always works for me. Nice lines and the way the colors are applied.

Image credit: MUTI2018

Àrea Metropolitana De Barcelona Link

Wonderful collage of activities and sights in Barcelona.

Image credit: MUTI2018

Ikea ‘Light’ Animations Link

Diggin’ that style! Brilliant colors and textures. This is so well done.

Image credit: James Gilleard22

Japanese Food Link

Great illustrative visual of Japanese food. So many little details in there.

Image credit: James Gilleard24

405 Madison Ave Link

Daring background color in this three-colored screen print poster. The patterns are very cleverly done.

Image credit: Matt Chase26

I’ve Got My Eye On You Link

Beautiful close-up capture of an owl. Look at those eyes!

Image credit: Massimo Mancini28

Image Magazine Link

Amazing scene! Love the Oasis poster and the patterns on the shirt.

Image credit: Rami Niemi30

Say Hi To_ Tanawat Sakdawisarak x Muller Van Severen Link

When I first saw the furniture of Muller van Severen I was impressed by the combination of the lines and geometric forms. Great to see their furniture pop-up in these Illustrations. Be sure to check out the rest31.

Image credit: Tanawat Sakdawisarak33

Le Tour Du Monde En 80 Jours Link

Lovely book cover and I particularly love the textures used.

Image credit: Jonathan Burton35

ABD Digital Reflection Link

Illustration for the Dutch Senior Civil Service on how necessary it is for civil servants to reflect on the digitalization of society. Here the textures are the leading stars.

Image credit: aron vellekoop37

Ice Cream: Andrew Link

I don’t know about you but I hope Summer will deliver so we can enjoy many of these. Beautiful colors and very cute style.

Image credit: Andrew Bannecker39

De Correspondent Link

Editorial illustration for the online Dutch news platform De Correspondent. Love the fun representation of going a little bit overboard during the workout.

Image credit: Bram van Rijen41

Secret7″ Exhibition Link

Fantastic vibe in this vintage looking 7″ record sleeve.

Image credit: Timba Smits43

Cyrus Magazine Link

Interesting insight into the imagination on how to translate a woman who has built a highly successful business offering online advice, but has now sold most of the company to her employees.

Image credit: Owen Davey45

Serviced Living Link

Interesting color choices. Digging the little furniture decorations. These strong curved lines, and the recurring yellow and black for the light and shadow make this a very recognizable design style.

Image credit: Jack Daly47

Hot Luck Live Food & Music Link

Nice logotype. That red is pop’n.

Image credit: Drew Lakin49

The Giro And The Dolomites Link

My friend Jered Gruber always captures the most amazing moments on the bicycle.

Image credit: Jered Gruber51

Inception Mural Link

Another fantastic piece of work from the Spanish brothers. A mural created for MailChimp.

Image credit: Brosmind53

Balloons: Papyrus Link

Magnifique! Greeting card illustration for Papyrus. That dress is genius, and I love her elegant pose. Just perfect!

Image credit: Malika Favre55

Drawing Rama / Hanuman’s Story Link

Great color palette.

Image credit: Andrea Nguyen57

Target Wallpaper Link

Love the minutia of this. I love the wind in the upper left. I have this obsession of artwork that uses simple patterns and pure geometrical shapes well, so this one really appealed to me.

Image credit: Eight Hour Day59

Pleasant Thoughts Link

Composition, long shadows to reflect pure strong sunlight, plus some special colors — all wonderfully done.

Image credit: Nutsa Avaliani61

London Stuff Link

Nice collection of London elements.

Image credit: Bailey Sullivan63

Blockhaus Link

Everything you wanted to know about the Italian climb called ‘Blockhaus’. Beautiful light and perfectly timed.

Image credit: Jered Gruber65

Beauty Of Birds Link

Lovely clean illustration style. Beautiful tones.

Image credit: Aga Więckowska67

Castle Point Red Dawn Link

Dawn breaks over Castle Point lighthouse in New Zealand with the warm red colors of Autumn.

Image credit: Micheal Jordanoff69

San Francisco City Poster For Airbnb Experiences Link

Color palette and textures are very much on point in this poster for Airbnb.

Image credit: John71

The Ride Journal Link

Great work with overlaying colors.

Image credit: Leo Espinosa73

Walkmania Link

The whole arrangement is really awesome with some special colors.

Image credit: Justin Mezzell75

Nada Surf Paris Link

Great simplicity as well as in style and color.

Image credit: Simon Marchner77

Secret Portraits Link

Interesting combination of many different colors. Some not so obvious. I also love the patterns in some of the clothes.

Image credit: Creative Boom79

Sounds Of The City Link

This poster focused on the pandemonium of parakeets that can be found around London adorning trees in otherwise quiet parks. Love the very bright red and green combo.

Image credit: James Gibbs81

Untold Story Link

A nice collection of colors. Also digging the composition and simplicity of the characters in the scene.

Image credit: Jones & Co83

Beervana Link

Colorful scene about beer. The title made me smile.

Image credit: Brett King85

Liver Lovers Link

Beautiful composition. Love the little details on the fish.

Image credit: James Gibbs87

Yo Te Leo Link

Yo te leo means “I read you” in Spanish. The composition and poses of the characters are inspiring, and very natural.

Image credit: Judy Kaufmann89

Mr Porter / Nocturne London Link

The movement of the wheels is nicely done. I also like the way the colors are applied on the cyclists, in combination with the cityscape the background.

Image credit: Neil Stevens91

Novum 03.16 Link

Beautiful cover illustration of graphic design magazine Novum. Clever usage of pure simple geometrical shapes and contrasting colors.

Image credit: Martin Azambuja93

Miami 2017 Link

Nice idea to draw the buildings of Miami and their colors. Love the overall concept.

Image credit: Remko Heemskerk9795

Miami 2017 II Link

A second one from the Miami series. Beautiful tones and composition, or should I say angle. If you take a closer look, you can almost feel the sun in this one.

Image credit: Remko Heemskerk9795

Para Revista Runners World Link

Admiring the textures and shadow usage. Plus the expression on his face is very well done.

Image credit: Francisco Martins99

Fremont Street Link

That flame is ace! Lovely shapes, too.

Image credit: Jacob Cummings101

Anna Magazine Link

Illustration for an article on Swedish fashion bloggers that influence on current Scandinavian make-up trends. Interesting color palette.

Image credit: Cajsa Holgersson103

Otto Link

Lovely birth card that is part of a design that folds out. Be sure to see the inside.

Image credit: Jacques & Lise105

(yk, il)

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