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Design Cyborg builds websites that allow different levels of paid memberships and subscriptions which allow website owners to charge a reoccurring fee for website access, special content, website features and member only services. Accept membership payments as a way to monetize your website and bring in monthly or point based income from users.

Our membership websites allow website owners to create both free and paid subscription plans. You can create plans which subscriptions will expire after a certain time (days, weeks, months, years) or grant members lifetime access (never expires). Your website can also setup subscription plans which subscriptions will be expire on a certain date (for example, all subscriptions will expire at 31-10-2015), this format is great for pre-orders.

Design Cyborg Membership websites can also setup recurring subscription plans (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). For recurring subscription plans, you can even setup a trial price and trial duration so new users can test your features and services. For recurring subscriptions, subscriptions will be renewed automatically without requiring any action from subscribers. You are able to categorize your subscription plans into different categories if needed.




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Design Cyborg is a full services development, design and branding firm from Seattle, WA. We build custom websites, mobile applications, graphic designs and internet marketing campaigns.


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