Functional Website Design

Online Payment Gateways

Online Payment Gatway

Accepting online payments is critical for any successful sales based business model in today's modern retail environment. Offer your customers a way to buy goods and services through a website on their mobile device or home computer. We support all major payment merchants including major credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin. Our payment gateways calculate taxes and fees based on customer location and product settings. Information between your website and your buyer is sent over secure, encrypted connections to protect privacy and personal information.

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Entertainment & Multimedia Blog Design

Entertainment Website

Design Cyborg Seattle Website Design builds entertainment blogs for publishing multimedia including videos, photos, audio and entertainment news. Entertainment blogs are great for sports, movies, television, and niche lifestyles. We build your blog with your readers and followers in mind, keeping a style and design that projects the image that you are representing as an entertainment blog.

Share interviews, updates and entertaining stories from your blog to popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Stories with a blog website developed by design cyborg. We are able to provide hosting which supports videos and large volumes of user traffic. Our services are great for management and promotion of entertainment professionals in sports, movies, television and music.


Tutorial, Instructional & DIY Blogs

Tutorial Website Design

Provide your blog subscribers with step-by-step walkthroughs for any subject or task with a great instructional blog by Design Cyborg. Instructional articles detailing general information about your industry, interest or market niche are great for SEO because they containing relevant keywords in natural language which is important to search engine rankings from companies such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Very detailed instructional articles are more valuable than gold to readers who would not otherwise have a good resource for information regarding the particular skill that they are looking for. These articles are commonly shared on social networks and circulated throughout the internet, bringing your blog quality user traffic from readers looking for quality online instructions.


News Blogs

News Blog Website Design

Design Cyborg Seattle Website Designs builds news and article blogs that allow blog owners to post original news stories as well as re-publishing breaking news stories from external news sources. Our news blogs are easy to manage, edit and update for blog owners, employees and authors. Our websites allow users to log in via the front-end with their username and password and create drafts, edit existing content and publish new posts with full WYSIWYG content editors for adding images, links, tables and content formatting.

Video Hosting & Sharing Websites

Video Hosting & Sharing

Video sharing websites are great for allowing users to upload and share videos hosted on your website. Design Cyborg helps you and your website users publish media on your website and integrate with other apps to keep things organized. You can upload and process large videos and photos, or import content from remote networks like YouTube.

Multimedia Website Hosting

Design Cyborg offers powerful media processing tools which allow you to manipulate video, audio and images after they have been uploaded to your server. Your Design Cyborg multimedia website will generate new media files in web-friendly formats for optimized display and playback in internet browsers.

Mobile Compatibility

The HTML5 support included in Design Cyborg multimedia websites is great for showing media in Android & iOS devices as well as other mobile devices. Our websites are also been designed to be mobile ready and will respond automatically and intelligently based on the resolution of the device which is viewing the page. Our websites can also be further developed into hybrid mobile applications which can be included in the Android Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

Video, Image, Audio, Document support

Design Cyborg multimedia websites support videos, images, audio and documents. You can specify which formats you support, and associate formats with the appropriate media type.



Wiki Engine Websites

Wiki Website Design

A Wiki is like an open encyclopedia which allows user to collaborate on information pages for many subjects, and categories. Design Cyborg builds Wiki websites for organizations who need to create large information databases and public research portals. When a wiki user submits an edit to a page, your Wiki website writes it to the database, without deleting the previous versions of the page, thus allowing easy reverts in case of vandalism or spam. Design Cyborg can manage image and multimedia files too, which are stored in the file system. For large wikis with lots of users, Design Cyborg supports caching and can be easily coupled with a proxy server software.



Photography & Artist Website Design

Photography Website Design

Design Cyborg builds custom portfolio and galleries for artists and photographers who need to display their work, promote their business or sell their products and services online. Our online galleries allow users to browse and share images from your website while allowing you to promote and sell your services or receive online payments.



Paid Membership Websites

Membership Website Design

Design Cyborg builds websites that allow different levels of paid memberships and subscriptions which allow website owners to charge a reoccurring fee for website access, special content, website features and member only services. Accept membership payments as a way to monetize your website and bring in monthly or point based income from users.

Our membership websites allow website owners to create both free and paid subscription plans. You can create plans which subscriptions will expire after a certain time (days, weeks, months, years) or grant members lifetime access (never expires). Your website can also setup subscription plans which subscriptions will be expire on a certain date (for example, all subscriptions will expire at 31-10-2015), this format is great for pre-orders.

Design Cyborg Membership websites can also setup recurring subscription plans (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). For recurring subscription plans, you can even setup a trial price and trial duration so new users can test your features and services. For recurring subscriptions, subscriptions will be renewed automatically without requiring any action from subscribers. You are able to categorize your subscription plans into different categories if needed.




eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Development

Build an Online Marketplace

Seattle Website Design builds online shopping carts, web stores and payment gateways for businesses who need the ability to retail or wholesale goods through a website or mobile application. Our eCommerce websites are easy to maintain and allow our clients to add and manage your online inventory. Organize your products by category or manufacturer and add information, product pictures, dimensions, weight and product prices.

Share Your Products Through Social Media & eMail

Our eCommerce websites allow your business to upload and share your products online through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Promote your goods to your followers and niche demographics for better conversions on sales.

Upload Product Pictures & Videos

When you create new products in your online store, you have the opportunity to upload pictures and video to educate your customers and promote your products. For best results, link YouTube videos for more views and better traffic.

Manage Package Shipping & Tracking

Calculate shipping rates for your packages from weight, dimensions and your customer's location. Your website will contact your shipper for pickup and they will in turn provide you with tracking information for you and your buyer. Standardize your time and costs of shipping goods with a professional shipping solution from design cyborg. We work with UPS, FedEx, USPS and many mainstream shippers both domestically and internationally.













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