Multimedia Websites

Video Hosting & Sharing Websites

Video Hosting & Sharing

Video sharing websites are great for allowing users to upload and share videos hosted on your website. Design Cyborg helps you and your website users publish media on your website and integrate with other apps to keep things organized. You can upload and process large videos and photos, or import content from remote networks like YouTube.

Multimedia Website Hosting

Design Cyborg offers powerful media processing tools which allow you to manipulate video, audio and images after they have been uploaded to your server. Your Design Cyborg multimedia website will generate new media files in web-friendly formats for optimized display and playback in internet browsers.

Mobile Compatibility

The HTML5 support included in Design Cyborg multimedia websites is great for showing media in Android & iOS devices as well as other mobile devices. Our websites are also been designed to be mobile ready and will respond automatically and intelligently based on the resolution of the device which is viewing the page. Our websites can also be further developed into hybrid mobile applications which can be included in the Android Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

Video, Image, Audio, Document support

Design Cyborg multimedia websites support videos, images, audio and documents. You can specify which formats you support, and associate formats with the appropriate media type.




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