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Nobody writes just CSS these days.

It's a preprocessor world and we all just live in it. That means some sort of build system -- Webpack, Gulp and Grunt being the

Last year we announced our new mission, change the way people design connected products and services. We do this in lots of different ways- through the products

Bianca Chrysostomou Senior UX Designer

As a Designer, a big part of my job is providing feedback to ensure all websites we build match the initial design.

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Exercising creative freedom can be a difficult balancing act. Occasionally you’ll have all the time you need to finish a project, but at other times the speediest turnaround will be of the

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Probably, one of the biggest misconceptions going around, for WordPress, is that it’s perfected for SEO. The implication that web marketers and web administrators draw from this is that they don’t need to worry about SEO se

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E-commerce websites are very popular today, and the current tendency indicates that their growth is unstoppable. Actually, nowadays is very common to see, commercial business that only works in a digital format without a physic

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How to Handle Exceptions in Python

It is very common to encounter errors during the execution of a program. Two common kinds of errors that you may have to deal with are syntax errors and exceptions. Syntax errors occur when you type the code inright. In so much cases, the inaccurate line is perennial by the

propellor is a front-end framework that applies Material Design principles to Bootstrap web sites. In our short course,


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